Save money by getting a better deal on your home loan and consolidate your debt.


Why should you refinance?

Get a better deal on your loan easily and start saving more today!

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Cheaper rates

By  refinancing, you have an opportunity to find a program with lower interests rates and cheaper repayment amounts, helping you save your money for better things.

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Better features 

Switch to a program which offers better features and deals such as loans that provide an offset account or loans that don't penalise you for making extra payments.

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Debt Consolidation

Merge all of your existing debt into one simple and manageable loan with a lower interest rate. 


The best time to consider refinancing is when interest rates are low. 

How to refinance

Three steps is all it takes for Hanah Finance to find you a better deal.


Check your history

First we will look over your current financial situation, your mortgage documents and work with you to understand your goals.



We will research over 60 lenders and banks to find you the lowest rate possible. We will also look out for other flexible loan features.


Make the switch

Once we have found a better deal, free yourself from your current loan and let the refinancing process begin. 

Loan Comparison Calculator

How much could you save by switching loans?

Every loan comes with different features. Use this loan comparison calculator to see how much you could save by switching loans today.

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