Investment Loans

Looking for an investment property? We will assist you in building your portfolio and growing your wealth.


The Loan Process

We will find you the right loan product to maximise your investment value. Here are the steps we take to achieve this.


Getting Started

Your investment journey begins by taking the time to answer a few simple questions available here.


Your goals and needs

Once the above step has been completed, we'll meet in person or online to discuss your goals, work out your borrowing power and explore your options in depth.


Developing solutions

We will then research over 60 banks and lenders to present you with loan recommendations that provide you with the best deal that suits your needs.


Your application

Once you have made your decision, we will do the paperwork and package your application send to your preferred lender for approval.



It's time for settlement! We will coordinate with your solicitor and lender, in line with the date on the contract. 

Loan Types and Features

Variable rate loan

This type of loan is subject to  interest rate movements. The variable rate loan may be sensitive to rising interest rates but it can provide you with greater flexibility. These loans come with extra features such as unlimited additional repayments, redraw facilities and offset accounts.

Packaged loan

Professional packages offer generous discounts on standard variable and fixed rates. They are bundles of banking products from the same lender and usually have a single annual fee. This type of loan caters for those who borrow large amounts of money and provides the opportunity to structure your debt.

Fixed rate loan

To put simply, this loan is the opposite of a variable rate loan. The interest rates are fixed for a period of time, offering you a sense of security and control over your finances. 

Introductory rate loan

Introductory rate loans are also knowns as 'honeymoon loans'. These offer low interests rates for a short period of time (e.g. 1 year) before increasing back in line with the lender's other mortgage products.

Split loan

Part of your loan will be on a variable interest rate while the other part is fixed.

Interest only loan

As suggested by the name, interest only loans allow you to pay the interests charges on your loan for a short period of time. Your principle amount will remain unchanged.

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