Home Loan

With so many different lenders and credit providers to choose from, you may decide to Hanah Home Loan do the legwork for you.

We can help you find out about suitable loans or credit packages and arrange special deals


As with us, it is wise to shop around. Do some checking yourself to make sure the loan is suitable and competitive - or you could end up paying more than you need to.

Commercial Loan

Because we are continually looking at scenarios for clients, and talking to commercial lenders, we are able to get quotes on your finance from a number of lenders relatively easily, without you having to go to each lender and going through the various menus and meetings to get to the right person etc.

Home Loan Calculator


  • We compare more than 10 lenders and hundreds of loans for you.

  • We complete all the paperwork and do the running around.

  • We provide expert advice and guidance at every step.

  • We find you a great deal and a competitive rate.

  • All of this at no cost to you because the lenders pay us.

Car Loan

If you’re hunting for a fast and fantastic rate for your next car loan, you’ve come to the right place.

Purchasing a new vehicle, whether it is a dream car or an upgrade for a new family, is an exciting time. The last thing you need to experience is buyer’s remorse because you are overwhelmed by stress of an unfavourable or even nightmarish car loan!